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Laura Kasischke is known for her darkly poetic novels that cut to the heart of the female experience. She is at her tantalizing best in this erotically charged thriller.

On Valentine’s Day, Sherry finds an anonymous note in her mailbox. Be Mine, it says. As the notes continue, Sherry becomes more and more intrigued by the idea she can inspire such feelings. Her twenty-year marriage is routine and she feels old, aimless, and empty now that her son has left for college. Sherry soon becomes obsessed about who her admirer might be. Has her son’s childhood friend mistaken motherly comforting for sexual interest? And why is her best friend sniffing around her sex life? Even her husband seems titillated by a stranger’s desire for his wife.

When she discovers who her admirer is, she begins a wildly passionate affair with him. But everything is not as it appears, and her passion exacts a price Sherry never could have anticipated. Events spiral out of her control, threatening notonly her marriage but also her son and her home.

Beautifully written, exquisitely suspenseful, and very sexy, this bold novel explores how little we know ourselves and those we live with and what we risk when we step away from our social personas and allow passion to control our lives.