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The items on this page are available free to teachers, school and public librarians, reading specialists, PTA members, homeschoolers—anyone involved in the educational needs of children. You’ll find a variety of materials suitable for classroom or library use for children in grades Pre-K through 12.

Materials are available while supplies last, and only one request for each kit will be honored per user. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. New items will be made available on a regular basis, so be sure to check back with us periodically. We also make available downloadable versions of materials in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) wherever possible. Learn more about or download Acrobat at Adobe's web site.

You can also visit our Teacher Tools page for more downloadable items such as teacher guides, activity kits, sticker sheets, and more.

Thank you for your interest in Harcourt Children’s Books and in our portfolio of distinguished authors and illustrators. If you have any questions or comments regarding the FreeForTeachers program, please contact us at booksforkids@harcourt.com.

We are no longer taking requests for any printed classroom kits, but please sign up to receive updates when new kits are added or download printable versions from the links below!

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Available Materials:
New! Celebrate National Poetry Month and Young People’s Poetry Week 2008! (Added February 8th, 2008)

Welcome, teachers and librarians! We’re delighted you’re interested in celebrating National Poetry Month and Young People’s Poetry Week (April 14-20, 2008) with our free classroom kit.

Imaginary Menagerie by Julie Larios Illustrated by Julie PaschkisAll of the activities in this year’s kit are based on the new book Imaginary Menagerie: A Book of Curious Creatures by Julie Larios, illustrated by Julie Paschkis, and are suitable for students in grades 3-6.

Includes reproducibles of:

• Curriculum Ideas
• Coloring Sheet
• Matching Sheet
• Poetry Writing Game by Author Julie Larios

Download the free classroom kit!
(527 KB Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

More free poetry curriculum for your classroom! Our kits from 2007 and 2006 are still available, below.

Mother Goose Numbers on the Loose Activity Kit (Added October 30th, 2007)

Caldecott medalists Leo and Diane Dillon keep kids counting in their new book, Mother Goose Numbers on the Loose. Appropriate for grades 1-3, the classroom kit includes math, counting, and time-telling exercises.


• Your Very Own Reproducible Numbers on the Loose!
• Counting Challenges
• Three Reproducible Mini–Mother Goose Books
• Materials to Make Class Books Based on Rhymes
• A Combinations Activity
• Telling Time Activity

Pirate Activity Kit (Updated June 20th, 2007)

This free activity kit includes activities based on Pirates Don't Change Diapers by Melinda Long and David Shannon and I Love My Pirate Papa by Laura Leuck and Kyle M. Stone.

Includes reproducibles of:

• glossary and tips to make you sound piratey
• pirate riddles
• print-your-own pirate stickers
• pirate bookmarks
• pirate word find
• find the hidden treasure maze
• color your own pirate gear
• "What treasure would you want to find?" activity

Download the free activity kit!
(957 KB .zip/.pdf files)

How to Draw Chet Gecko Activity Sheet (Added May 15th, 2007)

Feeling artistic? Here's a reproducible of how you draw Emerson Hicky Elementary’s famous lizard detective.

Classroom Kit for National Poetry Month 2007 (Added March 1st, 2007)

Celebrate National Poetry Month and Young People’s Poetry Week, April 16-22, with a free classroom kit suitable for grades 2-5.

Includes reproducibles of:
• Douglas Florian author biography
• Practical Poetry Pointers from Douglas Florian himself!

Chet Gecko Teacher Kit (Added December 5th, 2006)

A free classroom kit featuring activities based on the mystery series!

Includes reproducibles of:
• Prereading Activities
• Science & Cooking
• Language Arts
• "Word Detective" Activity Sheet
• "A Web of Shady Characters" Activity Sheet

Stellaluna Activity Kit (Added October 9th, 2006)

Activities based on the perennial favorite by Janell Cannon!

Includes reproducibles of:
  • Trivia Quiz
  • Coloring Sheet
  • Connect-the-Dots
  • Two Additional Activity Sheets

A Birthday Cake Is No Ordinary Cake Activity Kit (Added September 11th, 2006)

A free classroom kit featuring activities based on the new book by the author of On The Day You Were Born, Debra Frasier!

Includes reproducibles of:
  • Vocabulary
  • Birthday Booklet
  • Circle the Sun Map
  • Bookmarks
  • Baker Hats
  • Cake Posters
  • Coloring Page

Classroom Kit for National Poetry Month 2006

Celebrate National Poetry Month and Young People's Poetry Week in April with a free classroom kit from Harcourt Children's Books! This year, featured poets include Bobbi Katz, Julie Larios, and Mary Ann Hoberman. Appropriate for grades 1-4, the kit contains curriculum ideas and a complete listing of poetry books for kids.

Secrets of Dripping Fang Classroom Kit (New on April 5, 2006: Now includes a word search!)

Introduce your students to the hot new series Secrets of Dripping Fang by Dan Greenburg with this classroom kit! These funny, creepy books are a hit with even the most reluctant readers. Appropriate for grades 3-5, included is audio of author Dan Greenburg reading the first chapter of Book One: The Onts and curriculum ideas!